My True Happiness

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I think that is my word for Valentine's Day.

Better yet . . . I think that is my word for life right now.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Support Group

OK, Support Groupers - whoever you may be. I have never been in a support group, don't really know what you do in one, but I have a challange. I think it is always good to laugh.

So . . .

When was the last time you tried to stand on your head?

Now hear me out. I really tried this, and it was pretty sad. But . . . just thinking about how funny I looked, and that others might be trying it as well, made me laugh pretty hard. It felt really nice. So give it a try! You just might find yourself having a good laugh too.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Manors

Kirk and Kim were nice enough to let me practice on them. I was so excited when the pictures actually turned out, and I didn't completely screw them up. They are so cute together, and were really great to work with. Thanks for being such great sports!


Kim tagged me awhile ago. Sorry it took me so long to get to it.

List 5 reasons why I love Kyle . . .

This was kinda hard because I don't really like him most of the time. Just Jokin' hun! I SOOOOO love you :)

1. TRUST: This was one of the biggest reasons that I married him. You can love someone like crazy, but if you don't trust them, life can be miserable. I trusted him (and still do) with all I am. I trusted that he was always truthful, dedicated, and was as committed to us as I was. I know that no matter how bad life (basicly me) can get sometimes, he would not give up on us.

2. TALENTS: He is one of the most talented people I know. You give him any piece of equipment to run, and he can master it in a very short time. He can run anything from a Trachoe to a screwdriver. He has also built most of our house (and our other house) with his own two hands. From start to finish, he's had his hands in most all of it.

3. QUICK WIT: Most people don't get to see this side of him, but he is very quick witted. He often puts me in my place, and that's not always easy to do. You might be surprised that I love him for that, but it keeps me on my toes. I have to stay quick myself to come up with a comeback.

4. HUMOR: Again, most people don't get to see this side of him, but he cracks me up.

5. HEART: He has got a great heart. He couldn't be the dad he is with out one. He loves his girls more than life, and he is so good with them. He is not scared to teach them "boy" things. He has taught Kenadee to run the Backhoe. He has taght them to build. He takes them shooting with him in the Isuzu (I think that might be their favorite). But . . . he's also not afraid to do "mom" things. He has changed diapers from day one. He has gotten up at night. He has bathed, fed, and I think even done their hair a time or two. He rocks, and reads, and comforts. I know that they know they have a great dad.

I think I need to add one more just because I love him SOOO much!

6. WORK: He is also one of the hardest workers that I know. He has spent most of our married life working a full-time job, and then doing other jobs on the side. I trust that no matter what our situation may be, he will do everything in his power (or work his butt off) to make sure we don't go hungry.

I LOVE Lifehouse

The new music is a tribute to my favorite band. If I had only one concert I could ever go to, I would have to pick them. I have loved them from their very first album. I don't usually get so crazy about music. I like a lot of different kinds, but if I had to pick my favorite . . . like I said . . . it would be them!