My True Happiness

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Have to Take Some of the Blame

There was a moment one morning when I thought to myself, "Self, things are REALLY quiet. Should I go and see what they are up to, or should I enjoy the peace and quite?"

I chose wrong.

As I walked out of my bedroom (from finally getting to clean it in peace and quiet), I thought that something smelled awfully nice. When I rounded the corner into the family room, I saw him.

Then I looked over at his room, and saw a thick white fog coming out of it. When I walked in, I found this . . .

Along with her.

Have you ever seen a more guilty face? I think our conversation went something like this -  "AVRIE!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DID YOU DO!?!" (can you tell I wasn't using my quiet voice). "WHAT!?! HOW? ------ WWWWWWWHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYY!?!" "WE JUST WENT OVER THIS YESTERDAY. YOU CANNOT OPEN THE BABY POWDER AND DUMP IT EVERYWHERE!!!!!" "WHY DID YOU DO IT??????"

Avrie - "Because it was fun."

This is when I knew I was in trouble. She got in trouble the day before for dumping it on the end table. So . . . she knew it was wrong and chose to "have fun" in spite of it.

They emptied 1 extra large, and 1/2 of a medium sized bottle of baby powder all over his room. She didn't stop at the dresser, or toys, or themselves. She opened his closet and shook the powder all over his clothes. It was up the wall, all over the curtains, and the carpet was covered in a white haze.

He sneezed baby powder for two days.

On the bright side - my house smelled yummy, and it wasn't poop.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finally when I have a resolve to blog again . . . I get so frustrated that I want to throw my computer out the window! I would update more if it wasn't so stinking difficult. I completely understand that my ripe old age of 35 puts me in the 'computer illiterate' category. Or the 'everything will take you twice as long' category, but HOLY SMOKES I really thought that I could figure this thing out.

ANYWAY - for those who don't frequent Facebook, I have started a Photography blog. Drastic times call for drastic measures, so ready or not, I am starting.

You can find it at  This is when I am glad my last name only has 4 letters. That alone is a hand full to type.

I AM going to post again before the year is through!! Sadly, if I don't write it down here, it doesn't get written down. So it is a matter of NEED!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


So, to say I've been a horrible blogger would be an understatement. Something had to go, and time for my things was it. I'm so sorry to all my blogging friends for not being better. I still think of you all and miss being more involved. ONE DAY . . .

My Christmas cards are going to arrive late this year (sorry), but they should arrive sometime.

In the meantime, I just wanted to wish you all a



Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Am Head-Over-Heels In LOVE

Yep, It's true!! I can't get enough of him.
I don't know if there has ever been a little boy so loved.
He also has his sisters, and his dad wrapped around his finger.
I mean, SERIOUSLY, how could you not love this face?
He gets more loves, and kisses, and snuggles.
He is one lucky little man :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Now Where Did I Put The Bad Decision Chart?

THANKFULLY the chart has been gathering dust, but just when I think I can throw it away, I realize that I had better hold onto it.

I'm not making excuses . . .

OK maybe I am.

On a super busy day, topped off with an equally busy night, she strikes :)

After getting baby ready for bed, and putting the Vaseline on the counter (so Ethan wouldn't be in the middle of it), trying to get dinner started, homework finished, reading done, and then get everything cleaned so I could give the girls haircuts, this is what i found. . .

Yep, Vaseline SMEARED all over her. Arms, shirt, pants, ALL of it. In the middle of all the craziness, she decides it's a good idea to cover herself in Vaseline. BAD DECISION AVRIE!!!

We still had to eat dinner, then I had to cut their hair, so then they could get in the shower. There was no way I had time to stick her in the tub then, so she got to sit on her chair through dinner and hair cuts until it was her turn to bathe. And she cried the WHOLE time. HAPPY DAY.
So after getting everything done, all cleaned up, and everyone in bed, I fell onto the couch. So glad that was finished.
I got up the next morning ready to begin anew and discovered that she peed the bed. Yep, she couldn't stop at the Vaseline, she had to pee the bed. Now this is not a usual occurrence for her or I would be prepared. But as it was, EVERYTHING had to be washed down, mattress and all!
Thanks sweetie pie, that's just what I needed :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bad Decision Avrie!

So we were all ready to go to the basketball game. Avire was "suppose" to be sleeping. All I had to do was go in and wake her up. When I went in, this is what I found . . .

Avire, Avire, Avrie . . . What to do? What to do?

NOTE TO SELF: NEVER take a break. ALWAYS stress out and NEVER relax. Because when you do relax, THIS is what happens.

WAIT - scratch that. REMEMBER you have tried that and you almost went insane. So lets try this note thing again.

NOTE TO SELF (revised): Take a DEEP breath and sing a happy song (to try and shove all of those cuss words you have been saying in your head - OUT of your head). Calmly walk her to her bed and ask her if this was a "good decision" or a "bad decision". When she says "Ine Sorry mom, I didn't mean too" (with the biggest puppy dog eyes you have ever seen), try and remind her that we need to make "good decisions", not bad ones.

. . .

So after more then one (a LOT more then one) of these incidents. Kenadee decides to be the mother in this situation (because the real mom was in her room screaming into the pillow:).

She - sweet Kenadee that she is - decides to make Avrie a "Good Decision" chart. She is going to save up her candy, and for every three "good decisions" Avrie makes, she will get a piece. For every three "bad decisions", I get to take something away.

So far, good decisions are winning out - but it's a close race :)

Oh and this morning . . .

She got into the glue.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Something Old . . .

I have been into everything Vintage lately. I have gotten through this winter (which surprisingly hasn't been that bad) by immersing myself in photoshop.
Sad, I know, but it's helped:)
Here are some of my favs.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For My Peace of Mind

Believe it or not, I'm still not done with December!!! It has been a crazy few months, and if I don't get it written down, I may very well forget.

For all of you waiting for something profound, or amazing (haha), or well . . . anything, I'm sorry - you must wait a little longer (maybe forever). Plus my mind has gone into hibernation, and I really don't know when it is going to wake up. It seems to take longer and longer each year :)

Now on with December - backing up a touch because I jumped the gun with my Christmas Eve post . . .


I could see what I wanted in my head, but had no idea how it was going to end up. The lighting was horrible, but with a little editing, I was pretty pleased with how things turned out :)

I have to thank my mom for getting us this. OK I grumbled a little :) Only because they whined until I finally had a night to sit down and do it!!

My best-ever little man :)


I really do like to bake. When I'm the only one doing the baking, it's a little overwhelming. This year the girls are old enough to be a TON of help. We spent all day baking, and had a blast.




Had a blast with the Wii :)

We had the whole family over on Christmas day too.

Have you ever seen so much food? Every inch of counter was covered.

WOW - I think that does it for December. Although some event that I forgot could easily show up down the road. If it does, then I will deal with it then. For now I am done!!!