My True Happiness

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Throughout this horribly busy, horribly freezing winter we've had, we did make it tubing once.

Thanks to Rex and Stephanie Weston. Rex had just gotten a couple of new snow machines, and wanted to go tubing, so they were nice enough to invite us along.

After school one night, we headed out to Carter and found us a good tubing hill. One that was only fun because we had snow machines. On foot, it would not have been so fun. I know this because on the way up the very first time, Kyle dumped me halfway up the hill. So I had to hoof it the rest of the way. The snow machines were defiantly the preferred way of transportation.

Kyle just read this and said that I should have hung on.

In my defense, I was holding on to my camera with one arm, and the tube with another. Had he warned me that he was about to gun it, I would have held on tighter, but I got no warning. Just gunned and dumped!

The crew:

Rex, Brock, Stephanie, Avrie, Kyle, Kenadee and Ashtyn


Stephanie and Brock

Avrie and I. I realized how unprepared for anything snowy I am. You think a girl from Wyoming would be set with snow gear. . . not this girl!

Ash - who was a lot braver than I thought she would be. She jumped on the tube and headed down the steep hill with no problems.

Rex with one of the new snow machines.

Kenadee - who is always a trooper even without snow pants herself. We did have some, but they have gotten lost somewhere along the winter.

It was quite a fun evening!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm Still Kickin'

Don't know if anyone is still lookin', but I'm still kickin'.

Man . . . did that last post not want to get moved off it's pedestal! I tried numerous times to post something else, but was having major computer troubles, and I didn't have the time to sit down and figure it out.

We did get moved. The house is not done, but it's livable. Right now, I just needed livable. I got different Internet, and it seems to be working better. Hopefully I can keep up now.

I have to say THANKS to everyone who left such great comments on the last post. It really helped to know people cared:) It was one of the worst winters I have had, and the most hopeless I have been. I have a little more hope now, and it's amazing what a little hope can do for ya. But again, thanks to everyone who cared enough to leave a comment. They helped so much!

I did get a few picture developed FINALLY! Here's a few . . .

OH! BTW my friend Kris is the one who made the hats and scarves for the girls for Christmas. They absolutely LOVE them!!