My True Happiness

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm Fwee

Yep, time is still flying by. Three years have passed since Avire joined our family. I am running a little late on posting this (that's my life right now). Her birthday is really on the 15th. Kyle even chastised me for not getting this posted sooner.

Anyway, here's a few pictures.


This was the only picture I could get her to smile in.

In all the others she had the grumpy look.

Some how the birthday girls at our house always end up cranky or crying.

I had to take a break even before the party started. My back is already killing.

All the cousins

L-R: Charlee, Kenadee, Sam, Halle, Allie, Avrie, Ashtyn,

Paytan, Wes, and Fez (more on him later)

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Since I have known Kyle there have been a few dreams he has always had.

There was one that just seemed too far out of reach to ever become a reality.

But life has a funny way of making dreams come true

because . . .

SURPRISE!! (We sure were)

Looks like the little guy is scheduled to enter our world of girls around October 26th (poor kid)!

. . .

I've been sick as a dog, and the headaches won't quit. That has made finishing the house, getting packed, moving, unpacking, and getting settled quite a challenge. So many things had to fall through the cracks (remember LOSER MONSTER). It's been hard to not be physically able to do everything that I need too, but we've tried our best. And judging from past experience, I don't plan on feeling better until October.

Needless to say, Kyle is very excited. The girls were quite excited too. Avrie's remarks were "Let me see the baby. Mom open your mowf." Then the the punch line . . . "MOM, DID YOU EAT THE BABY!?!"

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Which one is it?

The comments on my last post got me curious. I always thought it was called "Snowmobiling". Kyle wouldn't quit making fun of me . . . "Only girls go snowmobiling. We go snowmachining." "So if you want to come, we go snowmachining!"

I changed my bad habit, so I could be included . . . only to find out that I could have been right all along!!!!

Lets settle this once and for all. I set up a poll so EVERYONE could vote. We'll see which one finally wins.

No one will know how you vote, or if you voted. But if you want your voice heard (all us Wyoming hicks) lets hear it!!