My True Happiness

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finally when I have a resolve to blog again . . . I get so frustrated that I want to throw my computer out the window! I would update more if it wasn't so stinking difficult. I completely understand that my ripe old age of 35 puts me in the 'computer illiterate' category. Or the 'everything will take you twice as long' category, but HOLY SMOKES I really thought that I could figure this thing out.

ANYWAY - for those who don't frequent Facebook, I have started a Photography blog. Drastic times call for drastic measures, so ready or not, I am starting.

You can find it at  This is when I am glad my last name only has 4 letters. That alone is a hand full to type.

I AM going to post again before the year is through!! Sadly, if I don't write it down here, it doesn't get written down. So it is a matter of NEED!


allison said...

welcome back, I've missed you. And I'm so excited for you and your photog business! Way to go!

allison said...

P.S. LOVED you card. It was (as always) so freakin cute.

Jordan & Barbara said...

seriously when are you going to do my family pictures?